It all started so innocently! A simple discussion on the nature of cowgirls.

THE Cowgirl, who is as comfortable on the back of a horse as a fly on a cow pie, felt that to be a real cowgirl you really needed a horse to ride. The Cowgirl Gardener, was convinced that women executives who commander boardrooms have as much “cowgirl tenacity” as any woman on a horse! Being a horse breeder and racer, a crazy artist potter and also a closet corporate executive…I thought they were both right!

Cowgirl is a state of mind, a spirit and a lifestyle!

Rainbow over Cowgirl Mercantile/Gallery

As I was musing over cowgirls and watching the rainbow that gracefully arched from my front pasture to my back 40, my companions all of a sudden shook hands and jump-started our adventure!

THE Cowgirl surveyed my 70 acre ranch and started staking it out for development as the Cowgirl Gardener was already reving up her rototiller!

Before I knew, it the rope was thrown, the knot tied and 3 very different Cowgirls had formed The Cowgirl Co-op and started a business to highlight the life of the modern cowgirl! Even the horses were excited about our jump into business! Could only mean one thing…more hay!

YeeHaw...a cowgirl business adventure

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