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Julia Hubbel ~ Corporate Cowgirl

Nationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Author ~ I grew up on a farm in Central Florida. Most folks don’t think about Florida as a horsey place. Truth is, Ocala is home to some of the best racing Thoroughbreds in the country, and while we didn’t breed them, my dad had enough acreage to rent out our farm to other horse owners. So I grew up riding. I’ve never lost my love of horses, and I still own a cowboy hat in my closet along with the dusters and clothing that will suit the farm life that I still dream of today.

As a corporate woman, I had a number of jobs in large companies, and learned a powerful lesson. I rode that corporate bucking bronco a number of times and got thrown off during tough times, cutbacks and takeovers. What I learned as a corporate cowgirl was that I was better suited as an entrepreneur- so I saddled up my pony and took him solo a long time ago and have been a happy trail rider ever since.  I followed my trail from a Florida farm to the skyscrapers of Manhattan to the high country of Colorado. The work I do helps corporate cowgirls build the key networks they need to get ahead and stay supported so that they can succeed through the inevitable lonely times. The times when it seems like your pony’s your only friend and there’s nothing but cactus out there.

I’ve been able to rope in some pretty big clients working out here in Colorado, so my experience as a corporate cowgirl has served me well. For example, I work with Chevron, ExxonMobil, Intuit, Archer Daniels Midland, CDW, Delphi, Ernst & Young, Southwest Airlines, L’Oreal, Intuit, Sodexo, Pfizer, Schering Plough and a barn full of other big bulls. So be sure to develop your connections, and keep in touch with the folks who visit your campsite, because you never know when they might need your help, or you theirs. Networking is how a corporate cowgirl is successful in the long run.

What I suggest to be a successful corporate cowgirl:

  • Always be about helping others succeed. What goes around comes around, especially cactus needles. Be about passing on what’s good about your fellow cowgirls.
  • Make other people feel valuable and powerful in your presence. A cowgirl always makes her campfire a welcome place for tired folks to rest and have a cup of joe.
  • A corporate cowgirl takes the time to listen and care about folks. There’s always someone around her because she always has the time to hear their troubles.

Julia Hubbel is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker on the fine art of networking. She is CEO of The Hub Factor, which specializes in solving supplier diversity problems, training inclusion for affinity groups and providing training solutions for a 21st century diverse workforce facing fast-moving, real life challenges. http://www.thehubfactor.com/

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  1. Looking for a Christian Cowgirl motivational speaker to come to our church to speak to the women. Lonestar Cowboy Church of Navarro County. Please let me know the details if you are interested in coming.

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