Corporate Cowgirls

Cowgirls have self esteem, believe in their goals and have the self-reliance, talent and tenacity to achieve their dreams. This cowgirl spirit is found in CEO cowgirls who crack whips in boardrooms, business cowgirls who have the wit, drive and self-assurance to start and run their own businesses and in the range-riding cowgirl who can mend fence, tame mustangs and take care of her herd. The cowgirl spirit and image is timeless, ageless and race less. There is a little ‘cowgirl’ in all of us women…. it sometimes just needs a little support and nurturing to emerge!

Corporate Cowgirls confidently grab the business they lead by the horns and with resourcefulness, determination and hard work, make it successful. We honor them!

Women today need models and mentors. Our blog portrays successful business women who offer some insight, tips and inspiration to other working women.

Whether in leadership positions, support roles or venturing into their own new business start up, cowgirls have always learned from each other.

Roberta Brooke

Roberta Brooke ~ Corporate Cowgirl Director, MBA program at Eastern Washington University ~ I was 26 years old when I held my first major management position. KAYU-TV was just being launched and I was recruited to Spokane as their Business Manager.  I had technical skills in accounting but I had never managed people or developed […]

Julia Hubbel

Julia Hubbel ~ Corporate Cowgirl Nationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Author ~ I grew up on a farm in Central Florida. Most folks don’t think about Florida as a horsey place. Truth is, Ocala is home to some of the best racing Thoroughbreds in the country, and while we didn’t breed them, my dad had […]

Linda Oien

Linda Oien ~ Corporate Cowgirl Business Consultant, Author, Founder of Business Paths ~ Howdy fellow cowgirls! I am a management consultant, who loves getting up and “riding her horse” every day.  A couple of the things that drive me…making a true difference for my clients…my undying passion for leadership and customer service. Having a career […]

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