Chick-A-Doodle Dinner

Chick-A-Doodle Dinner ~ A one bowl chicken delight!

Cowgirls Love Good Chow!

There’s nights, after a day of  riding the range or herding cats in the corporate boardroom, when a quick simple meal fills the bill. Busy cowgirls not only like a quick fixer but a fast cleaner upper leaves more time to enjoy the fading light of sunset!  In this cowgirl dinner favorite, fresh veggies from the garden and a succulent chicken breast are flash sauteed in one wok pan and then served in a single dish per person. Speed, ease, taste, color and clean! This chicken dish gets crowed about and still leaves you time to doodle in a different endeavor for the rest of the evening! Ladies, start your burners!

Chick-A-Doodle Dinner

The best food starts with the best ingredients! In this case the freshest veggies you can pick, borrow or buy!

Cuttin the Chicken for a chicken dinner delight

Oh my gosh that’s raw chicken up close! Look quick, sip some wine and butcher those succulent breasts into cubes…..yes, we’re talking about the chicken breasts!

Cuttin the Veggies into pieces for the chicken dinner dish

Next, yield that big knife some more and handily chop the veggies into submissive little chunks. This is great if you’ve had a stressful day and just feel like whaling on something!

 Fresh Veggies cut and ready to stir fry

What a colorful event so far…well…except for the raw chicken. If you are meatless minded you could ditch the chicken all together. We just happened to have this squawky hen…

Julienne the Carrots ~ Jillian the carrots

I just had to step back a minute to the carrots…. did you ever wonder why they called it “julienne” the carrots when you cut them in thin strips? Why not “barbaratise” the carrots or shannonize” them or “susiefy” them? Somewhere in cooking history this Julie girl got her two cents in … I’m  sure she was a cowgirl at heart! Since this is OUR blog, I can just say what I want so I proclaim to my fellow cowgirls that anything cut into small strips in THIS blog will now be “jillienne” cut!

Cookin Chicken for the chicken dinner recipe

Okaaaaaa, the raw chicken is lookin’ better! Hmmmm and it’s starting to smell like dinner! Notice this great Cowgirl Cookware Pan! It’s part large pan and part wok pan. Just great for stir fries that need to cook quick. Stay tuned for more on Cowgirl Cookware!

Herbs and Veggies cooking in the Cowgirl Cookware Wok

Now we’re cookin’!! This is smelling pretty darn good, just get your nose closer to the computer screen and take a whiff!  Stir fry those veggies with a heaping dose of herbs!

Add the canned organic Tomatoes

Now dump in the diced tomatoes, juices and all. We like a nice organic brand like Muir Glenn. If you’re not in a hurry, dice up a bunch of fresh garden tomatoes and add those instead. You would need to add a little chicken broth then to create the wonderful sauce this dish generates.

Finished Chick-a-doodle dish in pan

And there it is ! The finished Cowgirl Chick-A-Doodle-Veggie-Noodle masterpiece. Tasty and colorful and easy to fix. Oh my!

A Sprinkle of Cheese and serve the chicken dinner recipe

Nest some pasta in a bowl, nestle a heaping helping of chick-a-doodle in the middle and dust with parmesan.  Yum! Enough to satisfy just about any cowgirl out there and quite a few cowboys to boot! Notice how colorfully well it fits into a handmade “Funny Bunny Bowl” from the ranch mercantile store! I suppose you might like the whole recipe, huh? Well just follow along below.

Chick-A-Doodle Dinner

Prepin’ Time: 15 minutes ~ Unless you are really a timid knife wielder
Cookin’ Time: 15 minutes ~ Unless you wok-a-slow
Easy to do ~
Serves: 4 hungry people or 2 famished people!


    Cup of good wine for the cook ~ always the best first ingredient for a dinner time recipe!
1  whole chicken breast (a succulent 1 ½ pounder!), cut into cubes
1  tablespoon olive oil
2  cloves of garlic, minced (Ok, ok  just use more if you want to!)

1  cup sliced carrots
1  onion chopped (a medium sized one)
1  cup broccoli, chopped
1  yellow pepper, chopped (yes, if you can’t get yellow, green or red will do)
1  zucchini, chopped

1  28oz can of diced tomatoes 

1  teaspoon oregano leaves
1  teaspoon basil leaves ——–Now DON”T skimp on these spices or it just won’t be as tasty!
1  teaspoon thyme leaves
    Salt and pepper to taste 

 8  ounces Spaghetti or Fettuccine noodles
    Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top

 Pour wine in nice wine glass and slowly sip as you proceed. First step is to chop everything up as pictured above. Sip. Start water heating for the noodles.

 Heat olive oil in wok pan or large frying pan till hot then add half the garlic. Brown the garlic then dump in half the chicken pieces. Allow them to brown just a bit on one side and then flippe’m over and cook the other side. Place the little succulents (I just like that word) on a plate and then cook the other half of them. Add to the same plate.

 Don’t wipe out the pan just throw the rest of the garlic in and sauté for a minute or two then add the carrots. Sauté while turning them around with a spatula for a minute or two then dump in the onions and broccoli.  Cook a minute or two and then add the peppers for several cooking minutes and finally put in the zucchini. What a colorful mix! Add the herbs and mix’m in.

 The secret to good stir fries is to add the veggies that need cooking the longest …first….so they cook the longest. Is that obvious?

 Stir this colorful mix around until the veggies are almost crisp cooked. Dump the chicken and juices back in and add the can of tomatoes, juice and all, to the mix. Mix up and let simmer on lower heat, stirring occasionally.

 Now cook the pasta according to directions and be sure it is nice and al dente, DON’T cook it to death!  When ready, drain the water off and make a nest with a wad of pasta in a pretty bowl. Chickens like nests, you know.  Spoon some of the veggie/chicken on top along with juices. Sprinkle with parmesan, serve it up and chow it down!

 The one pot wok is all there is to clean and the one bowl-per-person entry is a quick finisher. We do like some crusty bread and a green salad on the side so I guess you do have to have a plate under the bowl to accommodate these additions!

 Happy Trails!

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