About The Cowgirls

Our adventure all started so innocently! A simple discussion on the nature of cowgirls.

THE Cowgirl, who is as comfortable on the back of a horse as a fly on a cow pie, felt that to be a real cowgirl you really needed a horse to ride.
The  Cowgirl Gardener, was convinced that women executives who command boardrooms have as much “cowgirl tenacity” as any woman on a horse!

Being a horse breeder and racer, a crazy artist potter and also a closet corporate executive ….  I thought they were both right!



cowgirl mustangsJoin us in our adventure of starting a cowgirl business and living a happy trails life. Our Cowgirl Co-op resides on a 70 acre historic farm that was originally homesteaded by Swiss immigrants in the early 1900’s. Now it’s where we highlight and live the life of the modern cowgirl.

Cowgirl EXtreme trail course

Horses of Course
We breed horses at the ranch, offer seminar and horse events and THE Cowgirl constructed a very creative Xtreme Trail Course in the back pasture.

Chick-A-Doodle Dinner a quick chicken dinner recipe


Cowgirls Like Chow!
Try our cowgirl recipes! Cowgirls are avid cooks and like the taste of fresh, seasonable food right out of the garden

Heirloom tomatoes at the Cowgirl Co-op, Spokane WA

Sustainable Gardening
Our half acre sustainable garden grows heirloom vegetables and a bounty of cowgirl favorite sunflowers. This is Cowgirl Lou’s domain!

Chunky Turquoise Necklace

Art and Fine Crafts
The old hired hands cabin was turned into our mercantile store and gallery featuring regional fine craft and art work from my local arty friends. Spring of 2011 we’ll be offering art classes in our newly set up art tents. Come be creative with the cowgirls and we will guarantee that the art will be in-tents!!



Cowgirl Shannon Morse

SHANNON MORSE ~”THE Cowgirl” ~  was raised on and in the open cattle ranges of Southern Idaho.  She learned how to ride when she learned how to walk. and can build or repair ANYTHING! For many years she’s been using and raising good foundation Quarter Horses in Montana, then in the foothills of Mt Spokane.  Shannon has a lot of good working horse knowledge and actively gives riding lessons, professionally trains and specializes in “save your life” techniques while horse back. A full time fireman, she’s right there as a medic whenever ranch horse or cowgirl has an issue.  Shannon teaches our horse seminars and runs the Cowgirl Xtreme Trail Course in our back pasture.  Shannon at her own over -the-hill ranch also has Buzzard Roost Quarter Horses and specializes in breeding good do-everything-well foundation quarter horses.


Lou the Cowgirl GardenerLOU RATCLIFFE ~ “The Cowgirl Gardener” ~ is passionate about gardening! The half acre sustainable garden at the ranch is her domain and she puts allot of soul into its soil! Lou inspires us all to get down and dirty and take care of that mud! Only a couple of nutty cowgirls would be out planting 1000 cloves of garlic in a rainstorm!  She nurtures and sweet talks heirloom and exotic vegetables to maturity as only a cowgirl gardener can do. Then she cooks them up as tasty respites on the cowgirl wood cook stove and feeds anyone in sight! An avid animal lover, Lou also puts her heart into H.E.A.R.T. the Humane Evacuation Animal Rescue Team. She has carried many a poor dog from bad conditions forward into a new home and life. By day you will find her as a corporate woman involved in a social welfare program.


Cowgirl Jill Smith

JILL SMITH ~” The Clay Cowgirl” ~  has a double passion! An accomplished potter she loves to play in the mud and also prizes fine horse flesh.  She is addicted to both gorgeous palominos with their rich coats and snowy manes  and also fast racing Arabians. This has led her to a 20 year run of breeding racing Arabians, and  doing quite well on the racetracks as a small breeder. Her small band of race broodmares is one of the best in the US.   Jill also has one of the largest herds of Cremello and Perlino horses in the nation. She writes a monthly article with her AQHA perlino stallion, Commander, in the leading role as a talking, “trolling” for mares, blue eyed wonder. Jill is an accomplished potter and sells her pottery in galleries up and down the west coast.  A  Jill-Of-All-Trades she also owns a marketing company, runs the Experience Spokane program and consults with small business on marketing programs.  She eats Wheaties for breakfast!

Janene Grende Cowgirl Co-op ArtistJANENE GRENDE ~ “Our Cowgirl Artist” ~ is a fabulous painter who resides in Sandpoint, ID. Janene graciously let’s us use her vibrant paintings on silk to highlight our web site and our life! An avid horse and dog woman herself, she lives the life of a cowgirl and banishes a pen and paint brush to depict it. Her silk paintings are known and loved nationally for there captivating color and portrayal of cowgirls in their best and worst moments. Janene is also acclaimed for her more realistic paintings of wildlife and horses. To see more of Janene’s work, visit her web site at  http://www.janenegrende.com/index.shtml

4 responses to “About The Cowgirls”

  1. To Jill,
    I just met David Gilbertson, you brother (brother-in-law? I forgot) today at the Pacific Northwest Sportsman’s Show here in Portland and he was telling me about the ranch and the women warriors you hosted. He was pretty excited, he even gave my your home and cell numbers. Found your website on my own. I think he was thinking your mission might go well with Casting for Recovery (see website http://www.castingforrecovery.org ). I am involved with CFR here in Oregon (our retreat serves women from Oregon AND southwest Washington due to getting some funding from that area) but there is a Washington retreat, held this year at Sunmountain Lodge in Winthrop. If you would like more information I can put you in touch with their Program Coordinator. It’s kind of hard to get an idea of how the Co-op works, do cowgirls come and stay, like a dude ranch? I would be interested in hearing more about it. I am also a member of Sisters on the Fly ( http://www.sistersonthefly.com ) and this might be something they would like!
    Best regards,
    Robin Healy
    Portland, Oregon

  2. Would like to know if we can bring our students for a fieldtrip.

  3. My husband and I went to the Juni Fisher cowgirl fund raiser concert May 14. We’ve enjoyed seeing Juni in AZ where we spent winters, and happened to see the small ad for the concert in the Spokesman Review.

    It was a wonderful concert — Juni is such a pro – her song-writing skills alone are exceptional, let alone her great voice and stage presence. Also, the food was great! Had we known there would be food – and especially included in the ticket price, we’d not have grabbed a hasty fast food sandwich on the way. There was no mention of food in the ad. Note: I’d suggest coffee for sure next year!
    It was too bad the turn-out was so low. Juni is a high caliber performer,and extremely well-known in the cowboy/western music world. I would like to volunteer if she comes back next year (as she mentioned she would), to help with promotion for this worthwhile event.

    I feel certain many more fans would come to hear a performer of Juni Fisher’s stature next year, with more energetic promotion. Let me know if I can be of help.
    Pam Jamieson Yarwood

  4. Am trying to contact the Cowgirl Co-op! Please email me, I have a goup of women who do a “cowgirl retreat” every year for four years now. We would like to look at your faciltiy for our 2012 retreat. Thank you!


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