2012 Cowgirl Xtreme Trail Course Opens

After a whole spring of raining-cats-and-dogs, the weather had finally cleared enough for the Cowgirl Co-op to offer its first Xtreme Trail Course of the year! Then wouldn’t you know it…..one of those rained down cats (actually a feral ranch cat) climbed up under Shannon’s truck engine and wouldn’t come out. Those of you who know how ferocious a feral cat can be when threatened to be de-perched from a warn engine, can appreciate Shannon’s efforts to 1) not really hurt the *&%!&*%$ cat, 2) not get shredded by sharp claws and 3) get to the Cowgirl Co-op to set up the trail course on time! Well the de-cat-ing was finally accomplished with everyone still intact and Shannon was only a little late to set up the course. We cat-fully apologie for any inconvenience that the late trail start created for anyone!

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3 responses to “2012 Cowgirl Xtreme Trail Course Opens”

  1. HI Shannon!!
    Was wondering if your trail course was open for this fall?

    I also wanted to talk to you about having a Versatility Ranch Horse Clinic/competition up at the Co-OP! I sponsored one last year in Pomeroy = great success and doing it again this year (weekend after mother’s day…hopefully it doesn’t conflict with your warrior weekend? )
    Putting together different locations for VRH events so there are not only more places to learn/compete but slso, selfishly….so I can ride instead of organizing !!! Let’s put something togeter for 2013!!
    Thanks Shannon!
    Jan Moore

  2. Hey this sounds interesting. Is this going to happen?

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