What’s Life Without A DonKay!

Donkey at the Cowgirl Co-opWhat’s a ranch without a donkey!

Even Shrek couldn’t live without one. Our resident donkey, Honkeytonk Boudaka Donk (just Donk for short!), keeps everyone in tune, gives rides to youngsters and shatters the ranch peace at times with a bray. He is also a favorite with the tour busses that visit. At the Cowgirl Co-op we even have our own “donkey pack string”.

They actually have a working job as part of our Cowgirl Xtreme Trail Course. They are very effectively… obstacle #4. Have you ever seen a horse go straight up, pivot in air and come down with all hooves in forward motion? Just one sweet little donkey he-hawwwwww will do it every time! I think Donk knows that! He can be very entertaining!

Mini donkey "mule train" at the Cowgirl Co-op

Mini donkey "mule train" at the Cowgirl Co-op

Donkeys Ready to Greet Visitors

DonKays Ready to Greet Visitors..... Well Prissy is actually a mini Mule!

Mini donkey

DonKay Ears Forward! Someones a comin' up the drive!

Ridin' the Wild Donkey at the Cowgirl Co-op

Ridin' the Wild Donk-kay at the Cowgirl Co-op

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