Cowgirl is a state of mind, a spirit and a lifestyle!

Join us as we live the cowgirl lifestyle of today! At the Cowgirl Co-op, located on a 70 acre horse breeding ranch, we hold horse events and have an xtreme trail course in our back pasture.  Our mercantile store/gallery offers a nice selection of handcrafted items  and our 1/2 acre garden produces some wonderful vegetables for fall sales. Our gate is open to visitors  Sat and Sun July through Oct from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Come on out and see us!  You’ll be entertained to say the least! See events for the latest happenings.

Cowgirls at the Cowgirl Co-op Spokane WA

Visiting Cowgirls at the Cowgirl Co-op Spokane WA


Women Warriors & The Cowgirls ~ Women Veterans

With 3 years of successful cowgirl and women warrior retreats for women combat veterans under our cowgirl belts, we have formed a non-profit to further our efforts to connect women veterans with each other. Cowgirls and Women Warriors™ is a non-profit organization that supports weekend retreats to provide hope, health, healing, and other nurturing programs for female veterans. Please consider a donation to help us continue our efforts


Juni Fisher Concert ~ Winery Ride ~ BBQ ~ Sunday June 9th

Juni Fisher returns for another night of high entertainment at the Cowgirl Co-op! But first you need to get on your horse and take a winery tour with our own cowgirl, Shannon Morse.  Shannon has laid out a course up and over Green Bluff to visit 3 winery locations. Bet you didn’t know Green Bluff was […]

Thank You Veterans!

Thank you to all the Women Warriors who we have met at the Cowgirl Co-op and broke bread together.  This is your day and you are special to us! And a gracious thank you to all Veterans … everywhere. Your efforts have given us a precious gift … freedom and security.  We honor you. Print PDF

Freaky Farms & the Haunted Hollow – Oct 27 & 28

COWGIRL SPOOKY!!! Come visit Freaky Farms & the Haunted Hollow at the Cowgirl Co-op on Sat and Sun Oct 27th and 28th ~ 10 AM to 6 PM. 20424 N Dunn Rd, Colbert WA   A Halloween treat for the whole family. Features a Haunted House (cowgirl style!), petting zoo, silent auction, ghoulish kid’s activities, gunny […]

2012 Renaissance Fair ~ Tournament of the Golden Apple ~ Oct 6 & 7

All ye lords and ladies, come join us as the back pasture of the Cowgirl Co-op transforms into a renaissance village for the 2nd annual Green Bluff Renaissance  Fair! For information go to Print PDF

2012 Women Warriors & The Cowgirls Retreat

The 2012 Women Warriors & The Cowgirls ~ A Women Veterans Retreat On May 19 to 21, the Cowgirl Co-op was  proud to host our third annual retreat for women combat veterans.  The retreat has become the largest and most successful retreat of its kind in the US.  On Friday May 19 , a convoy of 34 women warriors […]

2012 Cowgirl Xtreme Trail Course Opens

After a whole spring of raining-cats-and-dogs, the weather had finally cleared enough for the Cowgirl Co-op to offer its first Xtreme Trail Course of the year! Then wouldn’t you know it… of those rained down cats (actually a feral ranch cat) climbed up under Shannon’s truck engine and wouldn’t come out. Those of you who know […]

Women Warriors & The Cowgirls 2011

The 2011 Women Warriors & The Cowgirls ~ A Women Veterans Retreat The Cowgirl Co-op was once again honored to host a retreat for women combat veterans.  The end of May 30 women warriors and 8 counselors came to the ranch for a weekend of fun, healing and connecting. We played together, broke bread together, cried […]


It all started so innocently! A simple discussion on the nature of cowgirls. THE Cowgirl, who is as comfortable on the back of a horse as a fly on a cow pie, felt that to be a real cowgirl you really needed a horse to ride. The Cowgirl Gardener, was convinced that women executives who […]

Sortin’ and Ropin’ Cows at the Cowgirl Co-op ~ Versitility Ranch Work Clinic

Another Ropin’ Day At the Cowgirl Co-op What a great weekend at the Cowgirl Co-op! The talented sortin’, ropin’ cowboys came back and assisted THE Cowgirl (my cowgirl partner Shannon) with a fabulous cow teachin’ time in the ranch’s back pasture.  Remember? These were the cute cowboys from last year that fluttered my heart and […]

Woman Warriors and The Cowgirls

  The 2010  Retreat for Women Veterans In May of 2010 the Cowgirl Co-op was honored to sponsor a retreat for Woman Warriors, women veterans who had served on the front lines of war or offered support to those that did. In partnership with the Spokane Veteran’s Outreach Center, the ranch hosted 27 woman warriors and […]

Cute Cowboys, Ropin’ Cows & Cow Ponies

A Ropin’ Day at the Cowgirl Co-op Be still my heart! The two cutest cowboys just rolled up the ranch driveway with a passel of cows and ropes a twitchin’. THE Cowgirl had arranged a rope day at the ranch and found two of the cutest, most talented ropers around. Why they even brought their own […]

What’s Life Without A DonKay!

What’s a ranch without a donkey! Even Shrek couldn’t live without one. Our resident donkey, Honkeytonk Boudaka Donk (just Donk for short!), keeps everyone in tune, gives rides to youngsters and shatters the ranch peace at times with a bray. He is also a favorite with the tour busses that visit. At the Cowgirl Co-op […]

Chick-A-Doodle Dinner

Cowgirls Love Good Chow! There’s nights, after a day of  riding the range or herding cats in the corporate boardroom, when a quick simple meal fills the bill. Busy cowgirls not only like a quick fixer but a fast cleaner upper leaves more time to enjoy the fading light of sunset!  In this cowgirl dinner […]

Julia Hubbel

Julia Hubbel ~ Corporate Cowgirl Nationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Author ~ I grew up on a farm in Central Florida. Most folks don’t think about Florida as a horsey place. Truth is, Ocala is home to some of the best racing Thoroughbreds in the country, and while we didn’t breed them, my dad had […]

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